Current Show Results

Paris and Waterford Ontario
2nd Smarty Hicat Annie | Ridden by Steve Colclasure
25K Novice Horse:
1st MK Manny (Owner Michelle Colclasure) | Ridden by Steve
1st x 2 Smarty Hicat Annie
1st Dont Look Now
2nd MK Manny
2nd Dont Look Now
5k Novice Horse:
1st Over Due Deal (Owner Dillon Gentry) | Ridden by Steve Colclasure
2nd Over Due Deal
2K Limited Rider:
Circuit Champion Smarty Hicat Annie
Alfred Station, NY June30 - July1
1st Dont Look Now
3rd GS The Iceman
3rd Smarty Hicat Annie
1st Dont Look Now
2nd Dont Look Now
1st Smarty Hicat Annie
2nd Smarty Hicat Annie
1st Reyzorsharpcat
1st One Due Deal
2nd Mia HBCD
2k Rider:
1st Dont Look Now | Ridden by October Kramer (x2)
2nd Smarty Hicat Annie
3rd Smarty Hicat Annie
5k Non-Pro:
2nd Smooth Playin Cat | Ridden by Lori Kiko
Shartlesville, PA | June 9-10
1st  Dont Look Now
1st  Dont Look Now
$25k Novice Horse:
1st  Smarty Hicat Annie
2nd  Dont Look Now (x2)
3rd  Boon A Little Lena | Ridden By Andy Sutliff
$5k Novice Horse:
1st  Over Due Deal (x2)
$35k Non-Pro:
2nd  A Quixote Cat | Ridden By Kim Miller
$5k Novice Non-Pro:
1st  Smooth Playn Cat | Ridden By Lori Kiko
2nd  Mia HBCD | Ridden By Dillon Gentry
$2k Rider:
1st  Smarty Hicat Annie (x2)


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